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The Learning and Development Stories podcast is an interview show in which we pick the brains of L&D leaders from different organizations. We ask similar questions to each guest and package their collective responses into a series of special articles. The content offers useful insights for those interested in organizational learning. Sign up to receive this content directly in your inbox.

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Latest episodes of the Learning and Development Stories Podcast:
White Paper – Facilitate Knowledge Sharing with Smart Communications
Digital disruption is placing a premium on learning like never before. Organizational learning can no longer be viewed solely as[...]
Celebrating Mistakes as Learning Opportunities
Over the course of the past two years, I asked 14 learning leaders the following question on my Learning and[...]
Content Recommendations from L&D Leaders
What content should L&D leaders be consuming? I asked this question to 14 different learning leaders on my Learning and[...]
Episode #14: Toby Newman on Mobilizing Subject Matter Experts to Share Their Knowledge
Instead of just encouraging employees to consume learning content, have you ever considered mobilizing them to actually create videos and share their knowledge[...]
Episode #13: Dan Pontefract on Launching a Corporate MBA Program
What is the return on investment for a company to invest significant amounts of money send their up and coming[...]
Episode #12: The Power of Mobilizing Employees to Create Training Content – an Interview with Patrick Veenhoff of Swisscom
How do we get more colleagues to engage with L&D resources? This is a common concern facing L&D leaders. Swisscom,[...]
Episode #11: David Leaser of IBM on how Digital Badges Can Bring Multiple Benefits to an Organization
There's a massive change in the way people are developing skills. David Leaser, Senior Executive of Strategic Growth Initiatives for[...]
Episode #10: Melissa Taylor of Porter Novelli on How Marketing Communications and L&D Can Partner Together
“The recruitment of talent is more competitive than ever. Employer branding and being able to understand and connect with prospective[...]
Episode #9: Britt Andreatta on using a Brain-Based Approach in Management Training
A brain-based approach in management training can lead to real behavioral change. Dr. Britt Andreatta, an internationally recognized thought leader[...]
Episode #8: How a CLO Helped Change a Learning Culture through Smart Communications
How do you get employees excited about learning? This was a question that Abhijit Bhaduri was grappling with back in 2009[...]
Episode #7: Dana Hariton McQuade on the Lessons of Launching a New Leadership Development Initiative
“People loved it.” These were the words Dana Hariton McQuade used to summarize her organization’s reaction to launching a new[...]
Episode #6: Dave Atack on Leveraging Influencers to Effectively Communicate L&D Activities
Are you leveraging the influencers in your organization to communicate the impact of your L&D activities? If you answered no[...]
Episode #5: Launching a New Strategic Centralized Learning Function – an Interview with L&D Leader Malika Viltz-Emerson
What is the best way to launch a strategic centralized learning function within an organization? Malika Viltz-Emerson, an L&D leader[...]
Episode #4: Incorporating Design Thinking in L&D – an Interview with Jane Hoskisson of the International Air Transport Association
If you are looking for inspiration on how L&D activities can foster innovation in an organization, then you will thoroughly[...]
Episode #3: A Unique Mentoring Program Focused on Digital Transformation – An Interview with Carrefour L&D Leader Adilson Borges
Many organizations are grappling with how to keep employees up to speed with the digital transformation that is impacting society.[...]
Episode #2: L&D Leader Wes Parker on the Importance of Learning Transfer
Think about this statistic: 80% of one-time learning events fail. Wes Parker, an L&D leader with the software company Omnitracs,[...]
Episode #1: Home Depot Director of Learning Brandon Carson on the Link between Employee Engagement and Training
Employee engagement is an issue facing most all organizations, according to a Gallup survey. What is learning and development’s role[...]

Kevin Anselmo is the founder of Experiential Communications, a consulting company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He helps learning organizations and executive education providers achieve business goals by devising and executing integrated marketing communications strategies. He also leads strategic communications workshops that focus on message alignment and knowledge transfer. Prior to starting Experiential Communications in 2013, Kevin led communications initiatives for IMD in Switzerland and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Kevin leads communications programs for Learning & Development Departments. He can help your department:
• Establish a brand voice
• Articulate a clear vision and mission statement
• Assemble key communications collateral that explains the value proposition of your department
• Create centralized communications processes
• Provide ongoing useful communications to stakeholders
Learn more and contact him directly.

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