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  • “Translating research into short articles that resonate with external audiences enables us to scale our work dramatically and leverages the power of the serendipity. Sometimes it takes just one person who accesses our content and then wants to work with us as a result. At the Center for Advanced Hindsight, we needed to step up our researchers’ skills set in communicating their work. Kevin Anselmo of Experiential Communications customized his curriculum for our group and led an interactive, hands-on workshop that was very well received by our research team. Using the materials Kevin presented, I have read several compelling articles from my colleagues that we have been able to disseminate on our blog and external media outlets. Our team’s ability to better communicate their research findings will benefit us for years to come.”
    Aline Holzwarth, Principal of Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University
  • “It is not enough to do great research. Researchers must also be able to translate their research for different audiences. For a mission-based nonprofit research organization like RTI, our research often informs policy and future research funding, which makes translating and disseminating research critical to our success. Yet research dissemination skills are not skills researchers typically learn in their graduate programs. To help over 50 RTI researchers define and tell their stories, we brought in Kevin Anselmo to provide a series of strategic communications workshops. Kevin truly understands academics and researchers and he was exceptional at tailoring his materials to the context of our organization. There was plenty of ‘hand-on’ in-class and between-class coursework for participants to put into practice what they learned. These experiential aspects of the workshops, in turn, helped cement learnings and instill confidence. In course evaluations, every respondent indicated they would recommend it to their other colleagues. And for marketing and communications leaders like me who work in a research-based organization, this training is a great way to build brand ambassadorship and extend your resources. By enabling researchers to tell their own story, your organization’s impact multiplies. Highly recommend!”  
    Andrea Mohamed, MBA, Director of Marketing and Communications at RTI International
  • "Kevin Anselmo engaged a sizeable - and initially skeptical - group of senior faculty leaders in a lively, hands-on workshop on enhancing strategic communication about research and creative work. Our group left energized, more confident in their ability to gain visibility for complex findings and programs, and grateful. Bravo!”
    Rogan Kersh, Provost at Wake Forest University
  • “The media training sessions provided by Experiential Communications were interactive, effective and highly enjoyable. Kevin has a polished but informal and approachable training style that worked really well for our team. We are already implementing many of the ready-to-use ideas we discussed and have set in motion several longer-term initiatives identified during the sessions.”
    David Young, CEO of VIF International
  • “Whether you are considering Kevin’s services for help with messaging strategy or for media training, I give him my highest possible recommendation. Kevin’s work is consistently outstanding.”
    Bill Boulding, Dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business
  • “If you are looking for a creative and strategic communicator to help achieve your individual and organizational goals, then I would highly recommend the services of Kevin Anselmo and Experiential Communications. Kevin is skilled at crafting compelling content and disseminating it to different audiences via traditional media and digital communications channels. His abilities in this area allowed College Advising Corps to expand its visibility nationally and effectively communicate key strategic messages to our different stakeholder groups.”
    Nicole Hurd, Founder and CEO College Advising Corps
  • “Kevin Anselmo is creative and client-centered in his approach to working with our team on communications, and we highly value the opportunity to partner with him. Kevin brings strong understanding and skills in content marketing and also in preparing professionals globally to leverage social media. He has been very flexible in working with our broader team and motivating engagement and alignment with the content strategy.”
    Christine Robers, Director of Global Marketing for Duke Corporate Education
  • “Kevin Anselmo provided our faculty members with an all-day training workshop on the use of social media to advance their research efforts. Throughout the workshop he continually provided new insights on how these platforms can be used to expand one’s impact and visibility. Some of our faculty are quite media savvy, but even the most knowledgeable were learning many new things from Kevin. He is very good at reading his audience and moving things along at the right pace to keep everyone engaged. He was even able to provide a luddite such as myself with valuable takeaways that have proven very impactful!”
    Joe Phillips, Dean of the Albers School of Business at Seattle University
  • “Kevin Anselmo of Experiential Communications has helped us as a staff, overseen largely by a group of university faculty, to navigate this space between academia and contracting and set us on a course to develop a more sustainable business model that will allow us to keep the best of both worlds. We extended the initially contracted period because we were extremely pleased with his early results and knew we needed his professional counsel as we continued to develop this new operational model.”
    Mike Hensen, Managing Director of the Duke University Global Value Chains Center
  • "Kevin is an absolute professional. We invited him to speak at a training for a group of young social entrepreneurs. He provided helpful tips on how to effectively tailor a message to a variety of audiences, including the media, funders and the general public. He was very flexible and tailored his presentation to our specific group. I absolutely recommend working with Kevin and Experiential Communications!"
    Maggie Woods, Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Issues at NC State University
  • “Kevin Anselmo led a comprehensive review of our school’s marketing and communications based on interviews and research. His support was invaluable in helping us gain clarity around what makes us unique and more importantly how to communicate it. We have followed a number of his recommendations as it relates to re-structuring our marketing / communications operations. Following the success of our initial project, we are continuing our collaboration so we can leverage Kevin’s expertise and advice in executing an ongoing strategic marketing / communications plan.”
    Danica Purg, President of IEDC Bled School of Management
  • “Kevin Anselmo provided communications training for schools at the North American Society for Sociology of Sport annual conference. The training was well received and well attended. Kevin did a great job giving real examples that helped our membership make connections to their own engagement with media outlets. He was professional, well prepared, engaging, and most importantly very knowledgeable."
    Theresa Walton-Fisette, President North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
  • “Kevin Anselmo delivered a workshop on Thought Leadership, designed to help faculty write about our research for blogs, LinkedIn, etc., specifically in order to communicate the managerial importance of our research. It was very enlightening and energizing. We were given a set of guidelines to follow, making it easy to think about what aspects of our research would resonate with an external audience. Kevin was organized, interesting, and had a lot of great examples that faculty could identify with.”
    Cheryl Druehl, Associate Dean for Faculty at the George Mason University School of Business
  • “As a media relations professional in higher education and health care, I found Kevin’s experiential approach and practical expertise to be energizing for our professors, doctors and hospital leaders who attended his workshops. Instead of generalized advice, Kevin created an individualized training plan that encouraged each attendee to identify their own area of expertise and learn to talk about their knowledge more succinctly. He also provided attendees with useful pointers on how they can take control of their public image through blogging and other forms of shared media. Following the training, we have cultivated relationships with at least a dozen new faculty experts.”
    Christen Engel, Sr. Associate Vice President of Communications, Augusta University & Health System
  • "Kevin Anselmo of Experiential Communications was instrumental in helping me articulate my messaging as a leadership professor. His guidance resulted in a social media strategy that led to extremely high levels of engagement and impact and a website ( that I believe sets a standard for how a professor should communicate their background, reputation and knowledge. Hire Kevin to help you define your key messages and communicate them to your audiences in a compelling way across various communications channels." ​
    George Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership at IMD