Communications assessment for researchers and academics

Why Researchers, Academics and Subject Matter Experts Should Assess Their Communications Activities

What three words/phrases do you want people to associate with your work?
I asked a professor this question as part of my 1-to-1 communications strategy work.
The professor shared his responses. The answers didn’t correlate at all to the language used on his LinkedIn bio. I therefore drafted a new LinkedIn bio that reflected his individual goals. This and other responses were the basis for a comprehensive individual communications plan that has helped this individual deliver on his goals
Rigorous and relevant research is terrific. Innovative ideas are needed. But they must be communicated effectively to generate the optimal impact. Research communications success or failure could be the difference between generating funding (or not). A random individual could come across your work and want to collaborate based on a piece of media coverage or a social media post.
Creating a communications strategy provides clarity and direction. It starts by delving into various questions related to your work. I help researchers, academics and subject matter experts with this through a free assessment as well as via a paid coaching collaboration. The free assessment is like an appetizer. You answer 7 short questions and then within minutes you receive feedback that will help you consider strengths, weaknesses and opportunities related your communications activities.
The coaching collaboration is more like a full course dinner. Here is the process:

– We will conduct a preliminary review of your communications assets.

– Based on this review, we will pass along the appropriate interview questions.

– We will conduct an in-depth interview.

– Based on that discussion, we will draft a comprehensive strategy document, covering current communication strengths and weaknesses, exploring opportunities, providing key messaging recommendations, incorporating best practices from academics, refining language and positioning on websites and collateral, deploying content dissemination tactics, and suggesting other relevant activities.

– Follow-up call to review the strategy. Based on this conversation, we will make any adjustments as needed. We will also provide basic training around communications tactics as needed.

Effective communication is the bridge that connects rigorous research and innovative ideas with real-world impact. It is the conduit through which knowledge flows more rapidly into society. Just as a well-built bridge ensures safe passage, a well-crafted communication strategy ensures that your message reaches its destination intact. Assessing your communication activities is like inspecting the bridge’s supports and structure—essential for maintaining its functionality and integrity. Start enhancing your communication bridge today by taking stock of its strengths and weaknesses.

Here is the free assessment and the following outlines more detail about the 1 to 1 communications strategy process.