Students: Craft Your Unique Story to Be More Marketable

Everybody, regardless of your background, has a unique story to communicate to future employers. Career development professionals needs to help students craft this story, according to Jonathan Stoll, Director of Career Education at Oregon State University.
“It is very spiritual – it is reflection, awareness, having faith in yourself and recognizing your values,” Jonathan said on episode 12 of the Informational Interview 2.0 podcast. “Particularly with this generation, there is a desire to have meaning and purpose in one’s work. For me, it is a matter of helping students navigate and articulate their story.”
Jonathan, host of the  Soul Force Ones podcast, also shared thoughts on how to overcome the negative stigma of networking by focusing on quality, not quantity, in meeting new people; how to take part in activism in a beneficial way; and the link between growth and spirituality, among other topics.
The podcast was co-hosted by Ashley Gunter, a junior at Rollins College who interned with the Global Innovators Academy this past summer.
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