An Interview with Tricia Zelaya-Leon on How Students Can Network Virtually

In the midst of a global pandemic, students need to enhance their ability to network virtually. On episode 9 of the Informational Interview 2.0 podcast, Tricia Zelaya-Leon, previously the  Director of Career Development at Rollins College  and now Director for the Center for Career & Professional Development at Kalamazoo College, discussed how students can approach this.

She also discussed the importance of the career centers providing students with assistance in marketing, career development and using college as a means to put innovative ideas into practice. This episode is unique as one of the podcasts co-hosts, Kevin Anselmo, was joined by a guest co-host: Haley Panessa, an International Business Major at Rollins College. The episode was produced by Ashley Gunter, Business Management Major at Rollins College. It was a fun way for students to hear from their own Career Development Director. We think the insights shared are useful for other students and career development directors around the world!

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