White Paper – Facilitate Knowledge Sharing with Smart Communications

Digital disruption is placing a premium on learning like never before. Organizational learning can no longer be viewed solely as one-off, ad hoc trainings. Technological advances and disruptions in the marketplace call for a culture in which employees organically share their knowledge and take part in their own daily self-learning.

Several learning leaders I interviewed on my Learning and Development Stories podcast shared this sentiment and highlighted their experiences around fostering a knowledge sharing culture within their organizations. This white paper highlights the importance of knowledge sharing and different examples from organizations. It also delves into the smart marketing communications strategies and tactics that support a knowledge sharing culture:

1. Mobilize Leaders
2. Formulate a Value Proposition through Message Creation
3. Disseminate Content to the Right Audiences
4. Train and Coach Subject Matter Experts to Communicate Effectively
5. Promote Learning Externally

Download the L&D Communications Strategies white paper.