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Helping academics, researchers and thought leaders become better communicators.

Academics, researchers and thought leaders have important insights to share with the world. Communicating such insights can generate visibility, influence policy decisions, shape opinions, secure research funding, advance careers and impact society. But many haven’t been trained to communicate knowledge and insights to external audiences. Experiential Communications addresses this gap through three unique approaches.


Just as you wouldn’t learn to drive solely from a handbook, effective communication requires practice. Our customized workshop and coaching experiences are practical and hands-on. Hence the name of our company – Experiential Communications. This approach enables you to communicate your ideas with impact. You will gain confidence. It’s fun, too! 


Messaging is the cornerstone of a communications strategy that drives results. Imagine you are singing in a choir and everyone is using a different song sheet. How will it sound? Or imagine you are about to sing a solo but you have no idea about the words. What is that experience like for you and your audience? Just like singers need clarity around their song sheets, individuals and groups need to be aligned on their messages. Our strategic approach ensures that your messages are clear, concise, embedded in purpose and aligned with your goals. The experience ensures that all stakeholders are singing from the same sheet, leading to harmonious and impactful communication.


Stories have the power to captivate and inspire. We help you unearth such stories through training, coaching or execution of communications strategies as part of ongoing client retainer work. Storytelling principles include:

Co-creation: Experiential Communications bring fresh perspectives and combines this with the client’s knowledge of their organization. Together, we ultimately create a final product that neither of us could have accomplished alone.

So what? If the content doesn’t adequately pass the “so what” test, then let’s eliminate this.

– Simplicity: Less is more.

– Paint a picture: Integrate stories, examples and / or metaphors to communicate important ideas.

Experiential Communications has 10+ years of experience helping top business schools, research organizations, multinational companies and individual subject matter experts communicate their work effectively and accomplish related goals. The consultancy is led by Kevin Anselmo who teams with a talented group of freelancers (writers, video editing experts and graphic designers) to deliver the best value for clients at the most competitive rates.

Current and previous clients include:


Kevin Anselmo is the founder and principal of Experiential Communications, author of Maximize Your Impact: How Academics Can Communicate Knowledge Through Traditional and Digital Media and host of the Learning & Development Stories podcast. Previously, he was Director of Public Relations for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Currently based in Sarasota, Florida, Kevin lived and worked in Switzerland for eight years and in Germany for two years. He works with clients from around the world.

Outside of his work with Experiential Communications, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons and s actively involved in youth sports. Kevin authored the book Reframing Career Success: Picture Your Significance at Work from a Christian Perspective. He also started Global Innovators Academy, an experiential communications training program for high school and college students to be more marketable and innovative in a disruptive world.


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