Episode #16 – Learning through Content Creation: An Interview with Mitch Joel

A brilliant report from McKinsey notes we need to foster intentional learning by feeding our curiosity. The report states that “inspiration is strongly correlated with an intrinsic desire to learn. Curiosity sparks inspiration. You learn more and more frequently because you are curious. Second, curiosity marks the beginning of a virtuous cycle that feeds your ability as a self-directed learner.”

There are various ways to feed this curiosity. One such way is by connecting with individuals and interviewing them, just like popular blogger, podcaster and author Mitch Joel has done throughout his career. Joel started his Six Pixels of Separation podcast back in 2005 to complement his daily blog. Since then, he has published a new interview with various thought leaders every Sunday. It is quite an impressive streak! 

On episode 16 of the Learning and Development Stories podcast, Joel shared how the interviews serve as a source of education and inspiration for him.  

“I was asking questions that I would selfishly ask if I could have coffee with these authors,” Joel said. “It was education for me. I wanted to learn. I wanted to understand. If I felt I had a particular perspective, I wanted to have it challenged. In that journey of a content creator I learned a lot. I found it stimulating and it spoke to my core.”

Joel also shared examples of how conversations from his podcast interviews have sparked his own career innovation and offered advice for students and young professionals on communications and career development. 

The Learning and Development Stories Podcast is brought to you by the Global Innovators Academy’s Workforce Development Partnership. Recent college graduate employees, new hires and/or young hi-potential talent conduct interviews with senior leaders. Based on that conversation, a short article is written and disseminated via different internal and external communications channels. This fosters meaningful mentoring conversations, knowledge sharing and employee engagement. Learn more.