Join My Free Media Training Mini-Course on Periscope! (#MediaTrainingScope)

PeriscopeThere are lots of shiny new objects that come out on a regular basis. All too often, what is the talk of town quickly fades away. I think Periscope is an exception. There are many unique differentiators about Periscope that set it apart from other social networks. If you haven’t seen Periscope in action, I encourage to download the app and see how different individuals are using the tool.

I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with Periscope and also studying what others are doing in the space. Based on what I have learned, I put together a free Media Training for Academics mini-course (#MediaTrainingScope) that will be available via Periscope beginning on September 17th. Most every Tuesday – Friday at 8:30 am US EST for four weeks, I will be doing a 15-20 minute broadcast that integrates my media training program that I’ve put together.

The course covers how academics, researchers and subject matter experts can leverage earned media, owned media (content on a blog for example) and shared media to achieve specific goals. In addition, the course will provide communicators and marketers with inspiration on how to mobilize their colleagues to be brand ambassadors.

I am excited to present my content using this medium. First, it will allow me a new means of sharing my content with different individuals and groups. Equally important, I think there are many different ways in which individuals and groups within higher education can leverage Periscope to communicate different aspects of programs, research and thought leadership. I look forward to sharing with you what I learn from this project that might help you in leveraging this tool.

Follow me on Periscope @kevinanselmo to get notified when each broadcast goes live. You will have 24 hours to watch the replay.