Podcast # 8: Interview with Professor Amanda Sturgill on How to Teach Digital Communications

MC900439350Odds are that if you studied communications more than five years ago in college / university, much of what you learned then is now completely outdated. There is a good chance that communications students today will say the same thing years from now.

With digital communications changing so fast, what is the best way to teach it to students so that they have the necessary skills to enter the workplace and then the mindset to evolve with technological advances? I asked this question to Elon University professor Amanda Sturgill in FIR on Higher Education episode 8. Amanda provides best practice on building curriculum within a university environment, and also shares insights on how professionals can educate ambassadors within organizations.

In our reports section, I provide an overview on why every communicator needs to be an educator, while technology correspondent Harry Hawk reviews the educational tool Voice Thread.

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