Podcast Episode #26: Re-thinking how we Approach Media Training in Higher Education

Media TrainingMany academics are uneasy about how to communicate to external audiences. With good reason – they are trained on how to speak with academic audiences, not the general public. Thus, media training is important.

On episode 26, we delve into this topic. It is a bit different than our usual show format. I just launched my new Media Training for Academics online course and share some of what I’ve learned in a discussion with our technology correspondent Harry Hawk. Among the topics we discuss:

– Why external communications matters for academics and the need for media training
– The flaws with typical infrequent media training workshops
– The pros and cons of an online format for media training
– Why trainings need to be integrated, covering owned (content you own on your platform), earned (media relations) and shared (social media) media.
– Why marketers and communicators need to think about creating online courses as a means to position their organization.