Podcast Episode #46 – How to Leverage Podcasting at Events

DonnaPodcasting can be a valuable way to drive awareness for events and provide valuable content for attendees, whether it is an academic conference, a program or a symposium with several prominent guest speakers. Donna Papacosta, author of the Business of Podcasting, discusses how to effectively do this on episode 46 of FIR on Higher Education.

Among the topics we discuss:

  • Benefits of doing podcasts at events
  • Creating podcast content pre-event, post-event and live at events.
  • Mistakes to avoid in doing podcasts at events
  • Thinking through strategies to event podcasts
  • Dissemination tactics
  • Getting started if you have never done a podcast
  • Teaching podcasting

About Donna Papacosta
Donna Papacosta is a writer, speaker, podcaster and consultant, operating Trafalgar Communications in Toronto. In addition to leading workshops on social media and communications topics, Donna teaches Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. In 2005 Donna launched Trafcom News, one of the first business podcasts in Canada. Since then she has expanded her expertise in both social media and multimedia, and helps people integrate these tools into their communications. She is the co-author, with Steve Lubetkin, of the recently launched book, The Business of Podcasting, and the author of The Podcast Scripting Book. A dual U.S.-Canadian citizen, Donna holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from New York University and a Certificate in Magazine Journalism from Ryerson University.