Podcast Episode #59: The Importance of Media Monitoring

Chip GriffinThe success of a PR program depends on monitoring. We need to have the tools in place to know not only what is being said about our brand, industries, competitors and audiences. We also need to have the appropriate systems to share intelligence with our different stakeholders, whether it be senior leadership, faculty, alumni, students and the communications team.

Episode 59 of FIR on Higher Education focuses on the best practices to consider in evaluating or setting up media monitoring operations. Chip Griffin, founder of the media monitoring service Custom Scoop and now the North America CEO for the media intelligence service CARMA, shares his perspectives as a thought leader in this particular space. Among the topics addressed are:

  • The importance of media monitoring as one thinks about strategic measurement
  • Best practice in setting up a media monitoring operation and mistakes to avoid
  • How to use media monitoring to engage alumni
  • How to evaluate the different offerings on the market to suit your budget

About Chip Griffin

Chip Griffin believes in the power of words and the value of technology in communications. He currently serves as North American CEO and global head of marketing and product development for CARMA, a global media intelligence firm.

Previously, he was the Chairman & CEO of CustomScoop, a media monitoring and measurement service he co-founded in 2000 and sold to CARMA in 2015.

As a serial entrepreneur, Chip takes a no-nonsense approach that challenges conventional wisdom and identifies emerging trends. In recognition of his expertise, publications and event organizers frequently call on him to share his insight. A longtime innovator, Chip was recruited from his job on Capitol Hill to serve as CEO of an online media company when he was just 23 years old. He also has the distinction of being one of the first individuals to hold the title of Chief Digital Officer of a major public relations firm. A graduate of American University, he serves as Immediate Past President of the AU Alumni Association and a member of the School of Public Affairs Advisory Council.