Podcast Episode #63: Christie Campbell on How to Integrate a Marketing Automation Program at a School

christie-campbellHas your school integrated a marketing automation program?
If not, you should listen to the insights from Christie Campbell, Associate Vice President of Marketing at St. Edward’s University. Christie led St. Edward’s marketing automation program a few years ago. This year, St. Edward’s University won the Best Marketing Automation in Content Marketing by the Content Marketing Institute. On episode 63 of FIR on Higher Education, Christie discusses her school’s success with marketing automation. She offers input on topics such as:

– Creating content related to the audiences’ needs first.

– How to structure a team

– Thinking through purchasing marketing automation services

– Generating emails

– Using marketing automation to glean insights on the customer experience

About Christie Campbell

Christie Campbell is a leader of the St. Edward’s University Marketing Office, which is responsible for communicating the St. Edward’s University story to increase engagement, attract resources and achieve the university’s goals.

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