Podcast Episode #64: Communicating Research via Video

How do you communicate complex ideas via video?

If you are a researcher or communicator, perhaps this is a question on your mind. On episode 64 of the FIR on Higher Education podcast, guest Jonathan Ezer offers advice on how to communicate your research via video.

Jonathan founded a company that helps researchers, scientists, innovators and educators communicate their work via video. He works with researchers and educators to disseminate research findings, promote new initiatives and explain complex ideas in a way that resonates.

“The biggest mistake is not thinking about the audience up front,” said Jonathan. “I will ask a client and they will say: ‘Well there are several. There are prospective students. There are current patients. There are are funders, policy makers and the research community.’ Writing a video for so many people is really, really tough.”

Ezer also warned about the dangers of writing too academic. “Short, punchy sentences really work best for these sorts of videos,” he said.

Have a listen to the interview for his other tips.

About Jonathan Ezer
Jonathan is the founder of Kindea Labs, an animation studio for researchers, scientists, innovators and educators. Jonathan holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. He’s passionate about intellectual ideas, and has 10 years of management consulting experience.