Podcast Episode #61: Victor Jimenez on Using a Podcast to Sell a Program

Imagine being able to attribute the success of a podcast to over 3,000 sales of an online course. I certainly can’t vouch for this statement! However this is the reality for the guest on my latest podcast episode. VicVictor Jimeneztor Jimenez is an entrepreneur whose Cycling 360 podcast has helped generate 3,000 sales of his online courses. On episode 61 of the FIR on Higher Education podcast, Victor explains how this happened.

He also offers practical and tangible advice for current and aspiring podcasters on how to link a podcast to sales. Among his advice is the following:

  1. Give away your best content. Don’t worry about keeping some content exclusive that you might also be featuring in a course. The course is a different format.
  2. Use a podcast to build your email list. “Often we say ‘if you like this podcast content’ go to our website and sign up for our email list and we will notify you when a new show comes out.”
  3. Podcasting is a great medium to build likeability and trust.
  4. Find a way to build a two-way conversation through a podcast.
  5. Use a podcast for market intelligence. Your audience can shed light on the type of content that should be featuring in your courses or programs.
  6. Professional quality is great, but don’t get hung up on sounding like NPR.

About Victor Jimenez

Victor Jimenez is an entrepreneur, business coach and online course creator. His Cycling 360 Podcast has generated 30k –50k downloads per month (over 2 million lifetime downloads).

Victor and Kevin are leading a hands-on workshop on podcasting in Durham, North Carolina on November 15th. Learn more.