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Researchers, academics and thought leaders have important insights to share with the world. But many haven’t been trained to communicate knowledge and insights to external audiences. We have years of experience helping top business schools, research organizations, multinational companies and individual subject matter experts communicate their work effectively. As a result, they are able to accomplish related goals.

Hi! I’m Kevin Anselmo, founder of Experiential Communications. We generate impact for clients through workshops, coaching and long-term partnerships.

ENGAGING EDUCATION – Teaching communications through experiential learning.

MEMORABLE MESSAGING – Providing clients with clarity.

STRATEGIC STORYTELLING – Crafting compelling content that aligns to key objectives.

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Taking Research Center Communications to the Next Level

So many university research centers do very interesting work. However, without robust communications strategies, such centers aren’t generating the optimal impact.

Communications assessment for researchers and academics
Why Researchers, Academics and Subject Matter Experts Should Assess Their Communications Activities

Discover how effective communication can elevate your research impact.

6 Approaches to Incorporate into your Communications Messaging Workshop

Imagine you’re listening to a choir or a musical group and everyone is singing from a different song sheet. It will sound terrible.


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