Podcast 10: Disrupting Executive Education – The World Economic Forum’s New Forum Academy

Podcast_episode10Every January, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is in the news headlines as leaders meet in Davos, Switzerland to address some of the pressing issues facing the world. The WEF is also know for its thought leadership and research. Now, the organization is expanding into executive education.

The new Forum Academy is launching its inaugural course on Global Information Technology this June and then several other additional offerings throughout the year. Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director at the WEF and the person leading the Forum Academy project, discusses this initiative and offers analysis about online learning in episode 10 of FIR on Higher Education.

In our reports section, I share additional thoughts about the challenges and opportunities facing traditional executive education providers and online disruptors, while technology correspondent Harry Hawk talks about integrating Vine in the classroom.

About Jeremy Jurgens

Jeremy Jurgens is Managing Director and Chief Information and Interaction Officer at the World Economic Forum. He is leading the Forum Academy initiative. Jeremy graduated with a master’s degree in education from Harvard University and has held various senior level roles at the WEF since 1999.

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