How to Gain Clarity around Career Goals – An Interview with Beka Layton of UNC

How do we gain clarity about our career direction and life decisions?

Dr. Beka Layton, Director of Professional Development Programs at the University of North Carolina, encourages the individuals she works with to approach career decisions by visualizing a triangle consisting of three related points: career, personal, and professional. She delved into this triangle and shared practical examples in an interview with Heidi Scott Giusto on episode 11 of the Informational Interview 2.0 podcast.

Beka also provided insights on:

– approaching networking with curiosity, relationship building and authenticity

– creating a structured environment for yourself/your students to explore options

– giving yourself “permission to invest in yourself”

– broadening student perspectives regarding their career planning

– networking by engaging in authentic conversations of mutual interest

Beka is responsible for career awareness and career development programming for biomedical PhD students. She also meets with trainees for individual career coaching and leads the Career Cohorts and Skills Certificate Series programs.

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