How Academic Centers Are Innovating to Help Students Do the Same

Academic centers focused on supporting students’ career growth are not only helping students innovate; they also need to do the same, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

“We’ve really had to innovate how we think about our offerings,” said Dr. Caitlin Ting, Director of Penn State’s newly-branded Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring. “We’ve had to innovate also thinking about what the student needs are right now.”

She spoke to the challenges and adaptations her office has faced regarding this difficult time when students feel they are losing direct access to campus resources.

We also explored with Dr. Ting a range of topics such as:

– Advice for guiding students towards clarity

– Maintaining a consistent network

– Managing expectations when it comes to new experiences and communications

– The value of supporting students early on in their college career

– Balancing the personal and professional with social media and online platforms

– Implementing professional development programs to benefit students

– Redefining what student engagement looks like with campus resources

-Encouraging educators to tailor their support to students

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